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Plakias – between mountain peaks, beaches and monasteries

Plakias village South Crete
The waterfront promenade with taverns and cafeterias in Plakias
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Approaching Plakias, one can’t elude the passage of a ravine, either the gorges of Kotsifou or Kourtaliotiko, which are both equally impressive.

Plakias consists of an elongated coastal road that ends in two large parking lots (for the visitors) and otherwise continues up to the new port facility or to the large bay of Souda 3 km west. A few supermarkets and other shops, all tourism tailored, complete the picture, and of course in and around the village ample accommodation of all kinds are plentiful. Between the coastal road and the endless sandy beach of Plakias runs a waterfront promenade, that ends up with taverns and cafes in the village.

Byzantine past

Plakias is mentioned in 1961 as a place where six fishermen lived and a few houses existed, while the history of the surrounding towns of Sellias and Myrthios goes back to the 10th century. Under the Byzantine Emperor Nikiforos Fokas, bridges and roads were built between these two villages, and the ruins of such a Byzantine wall can still be seen today on a hilltop north of Plakias.

The landscape

There are plenty of peaks of all formations around Plakias, clearly dominating the landscape, and even “sugar loaves” can be discovered. The most famous geological formation of the area is a steep wall at the eastern end of the beach of Plakias, called Paligremnos. The slab of rock falls vertically and attracts many climbers.

view to Plakias village Crete

The view from Paligremnos rock to Plakias

… and many beaches

In the village itself you have the choice between

  • the 1300 m long and very wide sandy and pebble beach on the eastern side with its 2-3 snack bars and sun loungers/ parasols, where at its eastern end even nudists can be seen, or
  • to the west right after the exit of Plakias a smaller sand-/rock bay with a nearby tavern / café.

The better known bays in close proximity (see also attached map) are:

In the West
• the large Souda Bay with taverns, sun umbrellas and loungers, where you can find nudists in the east corner

In the East
Damnoni beach, a huge sandy beach cove with taverns, parasols
Shinaria beach, a small sandy bay with super clear water and a diving school, tavern, umbrellas.

In between there are other smaller bays; it’s worth it to go exploring!

What to do in Plakias, except swimming , swimming, swimming ……?

• Visit the two monasteries Preveli (“Rear Monastery” and “Lower Monastery”)
• Visit the famous Palm Beach of Preveli with its unique eco-environment
• Visiting the villages Spili or Agia Galini

Note: strong winds often prevail in the area of Plakias caused by the two gorges Kotsifou and Kourtaliotiko that reinforce each wind. But with the multitude of coves a safely protected bay can be found, and it’s best to ask the locals / at your reception.