Meet Crete

About Meet Crete


Meet Crete wants to present this amazing island and bring it closer to all the travelers interested in Crete. The website is now in a leading position among the online travel guides for Crete.

Meet Crete offers to you
  • solely that information that I have gathered and experienced on my own for the purpose of the website Meet Crete. I do not copy content from other websites. With exception of course the necessary historical or archaeological information, which is taken from official institutions.
  • a private photo archive of 100 GB collected during my many island trips. 98% of the photos you see are mine. I do not want to use Photoshop and I do not copy photos from other websites. The photos reflect what you will see also, as it is.
  • thousands of kilometers driven on paved or dusty zick-zack roads
  • the dust of almost all the archaeological sites in Crete on my backpack. I love these old stones!

Of course I know that there will always be something more to see and explore on this huge and so fascinating island. I do not claim that this travel guide is complete. A lot of places are missing.

Let me introduce myself.

Meet Crete - Brigitte Kohlmann

Meet Crete is my hobby and my excitement. It expresses my need for being creative, learning, moving around and passing on my knowledge to the readers.

My name is Brigitte Kohlmann. I started as a tour guide in Crete in 1983 and until today, whatever I do in my professional live, it is always connected to tourism.  I am still on this island, in the meanwhile with some interruptions. My hometown is calling, this must be a matter of age!

This island has a lot to offer but also a lot to refuse. Today, the difficult economical situation of the country makes it quite hard to live here. Many of you dream of a live in Greece or Crete. But I ensure you, that without an ATM being well connected to your bank account abroad, this will be not at all easy.

And don’t forget that you and me … we are foreigners here.

Greetings. Enjoy reading Meet Crete.