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Agia Galini – where Icarus and Daedalus escaped from the rage of King Minos

Agia Galini is a well-known seaside village at the southernmost point on the coast of the prefecture of Rethymnon.

The area where Agia Galini is built is rocky and steep, the houses are built along the slopes and up into the hills, and all have panoramic views of the Libyan Sea.

The first visitors started coming in the 1960s…

…and since then Agia Galini has become a favorite destination. The small fishing village of 10 houses became a vivid sea side resort, where almost every house has been transformed or newly built to serve as either accommodation, tavern, cafeteria or shop. But the rapid development of tourism did not destroy the place and its people, the inhabitants still embrace the visitor with a discrete sense of intimacy and warmth. May be this is the secret recipe for so many repeaters and fans of this village.

Agia Galini view to the theatre
View from our balcony to the Daedalus and Icarus park

Park “Daedalus and Icarus” in Agia Galini

Agia Galini is connected with Greek mythology. It is here that Icarus and Daedalus escaped from the rage of King Minos, using a rock on the village’s west side for the start of their flight. At this rock you can visit the statues of Daedalus and Icarus, overlooking the bay of Agia Galini, preparing for their take off, and besides an amphitheater with space for 300 visitors hosts interesting events. In 2013, fifteen Scottish musicians arrived in Agia Galini and at the park of the heroes Icarus and Daedalus, attempting successfully to combine their cultural aspects with the legendary flight of the mythical heroes towards the sun.

Mr. Fountidakis, the president of the “Daedalus and Icarus Society” says: “Our goal is for the park to serve as a reference for students and visiting schools in Crete, so that they can be taught mythology lessons. Of course, it will also be a venue for Greeks and foreigners involved in the study and research of ancient Greek history.”

Agia Galini is a well-known seaside village at the south coast of Crete
At the seaside promenade
Agia Galini is a well-known seaside village at the south coast of Crete
A romantic corner of the beach next to the village

Ancient Sivritou

Agia Galini is built on the site of the ancient port of Minoan Sivritou (village Thronos in Amari) and was named Soulia. There have been many archaeological findings in the area. Next to the river pillars of a temple were excavated, which was dedicated to the goddess Artemis. Also, investigations unearthed a Roman ship wreck of the 3rd AD cent., containing figurines, lamps, statues, bronze objects, which are currently displayed in the archaeological museum of Rethymnon.

The village was permanently settled in 1884 by residents traveling from nearby areas to achieve commercial purposes such as trading and export of olive oil.

Beaches in Agia Galini

After 10 minute walking along the well maintained waterfront promenade towards east you arrive at the large sandy beach of Agia Galini. A little further crossing the imposing metal bridge over the mouth of a creek a slightly quieter beach area begins with a wide sandy-gravel beach. All beaches are equipped with taverns, loungers and umbrellas.

Agia Galini south Crete
You can join an excursion boat to the nearby Paximadia islands

Worth a visit in the surroundings of Agia Galini:

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