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Gialiskari beaches – paradise amid a lunar landscape


The beaches are also called Anidri beaches

3 km dusty road through lunar landscape lead to the Gialiskari beaches (also called Anidri beaches after the nearby small village) east of Paleochora.

If you are wondering about the many pedestrians who torment themselves in spite of the harsh sun on these slopes, and remain with a smile on their faces …. be hereby informed: coming with my car from the Gialiskari beaches, I stopped a total of 3 couples and asked each time if I could take them to Paleochora. 3 times came the smiling rejection: “Oh no, we do not mind walking, it is so beautiful.” “And the sun?” “Gorgeous!”

Moreover, this is also the section of the E4 path along the southern coast via ancient Lissos to the coastal settlement Sougia.

The beaches themselves are located on a headland and divided into East and West. The beach of the eastern bay is quite large with a fine pebble-sand mixture and also has shady Tamarisk trees, on the west side one lies on large shaped grey pebbles. All beaches offer showers, sun loungers, parasols and canteens and ….. gorgeous clear water!

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