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Kedrodasos beach in Crete, the place for nature lovers
Fine sand, turquoise crystalline and always refreshing sea, framed by the bizarre vegetation and rocks here and there.
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Kedrodasos – the beach for nature lovers

Kedrodasos beach with its cedar forest

lies well hidden on the south west coast, right next to the hustle and bustle of Elafonisi beach. Framed by one of the few cedar forests of Crete, Kedrodasos is still a remaining paradise on the island. This is certainly also due to the hard-to-find way here, and the entirely unsuitable dusty rough road for tour buses (how nice!).

With a brief description that has been said before: fine sand, turquoise crystalline and always refreshing sea, framed by the bizarre vegetation and rocks here and there, the European path E4 passes through, some more nearby bays, and a night sky with millions of stars that invite you to grasp them by the hand… what do you think about this?


The name of the Kedrodasos derives incidentally directly from its tree plantings from: Kedros for cedar and Dasos for forest.

At Kedrodasos, the following species of trees and shrubs offer shade on the edge of the sand dunes:

Maritime juniper (Juniperus oxycedrus subsp. Macrocarpa), the cedar juniper / Phoenicean Juniper (Juniperus phoenicea), a plant belonging to the family of the cypress family / Ceratonia siliqua (carob).

Useful information

  • As yet there is no canteen or sun umbrellas, deck chairs or similar, it is advisable to bring a shade-giving object, and also to provide for water storage.
  • Once you have parked the car in the parking lot, you must walk a further 10 min down the foothills.
  • Nude bathing is quite possible, but it depends very much on the other visitors. On weekends or during the high season, the visitors have also changed in recent years and are no longer only alternative.
  • If you want to camp here free, never use the branches of cedar trees to make fire. Please keep in mind that the trees take 10 years to grow to 1m in size.
  • Calculate per person 2l of water per day and the corresponding provisions, as the nearest mini market is only accessible by vehicle.
  • Please also take your waste to the nearest town and don’t leave it at the trash cans in the parking lot, as these are unfortunately hardly emptied.


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