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Agios Georgios church in Voila Crete
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Voila – a deserted settlement

The deserted settlement of Voila

…occupies the north and west sides of the steep hill located on the eastern side of the Armenochantrades plateau. On the southeast side the settlement is protected by the steep cliff. In the north and western sides of the hill, the houses are built like fortifications, while a short wall is protecting the remaining perimeter towards the valley.

The Voila settlement spans below the contemporary road which destroyed many of the archaeological buildings when it was built. Domed warehouses or stables are still preserved in the low external zone while all the houses are built on the slope.

Abandoned Voila village Crete

Abandoned Voila village Crete
View to the tower Jen Ali

During the Venetian domination over the island, the settlement belonged to the feud of the Salomon family. During their reign they expanded the Aghios-Georgios church which also includes the family tomb of the Salomons. During the Ottoman Empire most of its citizens were Ottomans and the  village was also the base of a Janizary battalion. The most know commander of the Janizary was Jen Ali after whom the tower of the settlement was named. Since the end of the 19th century, the settlement declined and today lies in ruins.

The majority of the remaining buildings belong to the Ottoman Empire era. However, the architecture of the Venetian built edifices is a witness to the affluence of the area during their reign.

(source:Hoteliers Association of Itanos and Municipal Enterprise and Professional association of Palaikastro)

My recommendation: Combine the visit to Voila with the tour Road Trip Lassithi from north to south – from Sitia to the monastery Kapsa

Useful information (last updated: October 2019)
Opening times of the archaeological site of Voila: during the whole year, best visit this place in daylight. This place is not guarded.
Entrance fee: none

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