Best Beaches Chania area

Falasarna – endless sandy beaches on the western end of Crete

Road Trip: ancient village Polirinia & ancient Falasarna with its beaches
This bay is the biggest of the Falasarna beaches, it's name .... "Big Beach"!
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The area of Falasarna offers one of the best swimming beaches on the island

The endless sandy beaches of Falasarna are within 1 hour’s drive west of Chania. Fine sand, wide beaches, crystal clear sea water with a sandy bottom, are waiting for the visitors.

The beaches are surrounded by 220 m high hills that are often used in summer as the perfect paragliding slopes. In the sand dunes the beach lily Pancratium maritimum grows and blooms from August to October.

  • The often windy area is also quite popular to surfers.
  • There are canteens or taverns at all beaches.


Useful information

  • Falasarna beaches are also to reach by public bus from Chania or Kissamos, please be advised by the Public Buses Chania website  (the line is offered from May to October)
  • With strong west or north wind we do not recommend a visit to the beaches of Falasarna; the fine sand is lifted by the wind and lands like needles on the body; also causes fairly high and withdrawing waves.
  • The sea can be quite deep at Falasarna, children should not swim without an adult present and watching them. For families with small children I recommend the last bay at the north, where (directly next to the large sandy beach) rocks form a large natural swimming pool save for your children.