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Triopetra beach – 3 large bizzare rocks protrude from the sea

Triopetra beach – 3 large bizzare rocks protrude from the sea
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The name Triopetra derived from Tris Petres meaning 3 stones: at the promontory, 3 huge boulders protrude here from the sea. The large rocks are partially formed quite bizzare, even caves have formed here, where visitors look for a shadow.

The Triopetra beach is huge in length and width,…

…pebbly, there are 2 taverns and a couple of beach chairs and umbrellas, the sea is quite deep, hardly any people to see, I personally had here the wonderful feeling of freedom. In the rear area of the beach tamarisk trees are planted, but at the time of my visit in 2014 they were still too young to give shade.

On the other side of the Triopetra beach to the east, there is a wide bay with an equally splendid beach sloping gently down into the sea,  a tavern with rooms to rent and a few umbrellas / beach chairs.

Gorgeous beaches, clear and clean sea water, with only a few visitors, far away from mass tourism, gives the feeling of naturalness and freedom, and this is what Triopetra beach stand for.

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